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BAF works with BLP to connect small and medium-sized businesses in the Pacific to local advisory services. BLP advisors go through a quality assurance process designed to take the uncertainty out of finding quality business advice.

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Organisational Management
Business Continuity Planning
Accounting & Financial Management
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Recruitment & HR Systems
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Strategy & Business Planning
Commercial Legal
Digital & Online Solutions
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Subsidy Scheme

Under this subsidy scheme SMEs will be able to access the services of registered Business Advisory Service Providers listed on BLP and BAF network. SMEs will be able to access subsidies.

Fiji Development Bank Loan Support

SMEs that meet all criteria to qualify for FDB’s SME Loan but lacks proper financial report, cash flow projection or business plan would be linked with Business Advisory Service Providers for assistance and the service fee would be subsidised.

Other Services

Online Business Health Check
Online Business Continuity Planner Check
Business Diagnosis
Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Support (Higher subsidies)
Finance Facilitation - Finance Finder Portal

Network to Approved Service Providers in following areas:

Business and Strategic Planning

Accounting and Financial management

Financial Services

Loans and Investment Facilitation

Digital Transformation

Market Research and Marketing

Recruitment and Human Resource

Export Promotion and Market Linkages

Ecommerce Mentoring and Coaching

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    NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade supported Business Link Pacific Programme in Fiji is implemented through an in-country partner. Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation was the initial partners however since FCEF is part of BAF, now BAF is the in-country partner for BLP.

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