Elite Motor Link and Elite Restaurant and Bar: A family at work

With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the spare parts field, in 2020 Jitendra Kumar established a motor vehicle spare parts business in Labasa Town, Elite Motor Link. The convenient location ensures accessibility for customers seeking reliable automotive solutions.

Jitendra also helps his wife Ragani Devi run their family restaurant and bar known as Elite Restaurant and Bar. This business is also conveniently located – right next door to Elite Motor Link!

Jitendra and Ragani and their two children are a fine example of a successful and harmonious blend of work and family.

Having commenced his journey in the spare parts field in 1989, Jitendra boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience. All that experience however was in parts, not in running a business, and Motor Link is Jitendra’s first foray into self-employment. The business specialises in Japanese motor vehicles, Toyota trucks, and tractor parts, and has become a reliable source for quality spare parts in the Labasa community.

The fledgling Motor Link business has grown steadily, requiring the employment of two additional staff members to meet increasing demand. As the business grew, Jitendra recognised the need to improve his financial records to ensure his business could secure funding and continue to grow.

To address this shortcoming, he sought the assistance of Business Link Pacific (BLP) and Business Assistance Fiji (BAF). Dharmendra Singh, a BLP and BAF Business Advisory Service Provider (BASP), played a crucial role in preparing financial statements for Motor Link for the years 2021 and 2022.

These financial statements led to Jitendra securing a loan from the Fiji Development Bank, propelling further development. Expressing gratitude to BLP and BAF, Jitendra credits their invaluable assistance in financial matters.

Meanwhile, Ragani Devi applied for a BLP Business Support Grant to develop Elite Restaurant and Bar. There are five categories under which a business can apply for a grant (, and Ragani applied under the Innovation category where the grant can be utilised to support projects which improve products, services or operations with the objective of generating positive business returns and outcomes.

Ragani manages the Elite Restaurant and Bar and has three female employees. The grant of $5,000 was used to purchase new tables, chairs, and a ceiling fan and to purchase bulk groceries for the restaurant. The new equipment improved the customer experience when dining at the restaurant, and the bulk purchasing of stock created efficiencies in the restaurant’s overall operations.

The couple encourages fellow owners of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to visit the BAF Office for advice on what services are available to them, and for assistance in accessing those services.

BAF, working together with BLP, conducts business diagnoses, builds a network of service providers, links MSMEs with the service providers, and provides general business advice and business-related training.

To access BLP services in Fiji, you can contact BAF for a face-to-face business diagnostic using the link:

You can start an online self-assessment to identify gaps in your business using the BLP SME Toolkit:

For more information on Business Assistance Fiji, please click the link or visit our office on Ground Floor, Vanua Arcade, Vanua House, Victoria Parade in Suva.

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