Mr. Rajesh Sami (also known as Mr. Sami) believes that if one opposes disability, it can never be a barrier to success.

Mr. Sami, the Director of Sami’s Snack and Sweets, has overcome tremendous challenges to build a thriving business in Suva and Nasinu.

His journey began in 2015 when his leg was amputated due to complications from diabetes. Despite this setback, he persevered, but in 2019, tragedy struck again when his other leg was amputated.

“My world came crashing down when my second leg was amputated, and my mind was filled with negative thoughts about how I would be able to look after my family. But I decided not to give up easily,” he said.

Mr. Sami is currently on prosthetic legs.

Having previously worked at a printing press company, Mr. Sami’s dreams of entrepreneurship seemed distant. However, undeterred by his physical limitations, he was determined to realize his childhood dream of starting his own business.

Facing numerous failures in his entrepreneurial endeavours, Mr. Sami finally found success with Sami’s Snack and Sweets. With the unwavering support of his family, Mr. Sami began selling snacks and sweets at a stall in Nasinu.

With the help of his family, Mr. Sami prepares and sells a variety of beans, samosas, and chutneys, gradually building a loyal customer base across the central division of Fiji.

Mr. Sami came to know about Business Link Pacific (BLP) and Business Assistance Fiji through one of our Business Advisory Service Providers (BASP) R.K Chand and Associates.

BLP/BAF assisted Mr. Sami with a subsidy in preparing the financial statement for his business.

“With the help of BLP/BAF, I was able to get the financial statement of my business prepared and was able to do the lodgements with Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS),” he said.

The turning point came when Mr. Sami became a recipient of the Business Link Pacific (BLP) Business Support Grant.

With the grant, Mr. Sami was able to purchase a microwave oven, and fryer, print the stickers, and his business banner, and buying of the stock in bulk enabling him to scale up his operations.

“I am thankful to BLP/BAF for giving this grant. The grant has made a major impact on my business,” he said.

Mr. Sami said he was able to produce more snacks and sweets, made more sales, and gained some new customers.

“I am now able to support my family better,” he said.

Today, Mr. Sami’s Snack and Sweets products are sold at Hanson supermarket and canteens across the central divisions.

Mr. Sami’s remarkable journey is a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of adversity. With his newfound success, he has been able to provide better support for his family and inspire others with his story of triumph over adversity.


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