From Vision to Action: Hemant Mahyavanshi’s Impactful Recycling Mission

With its new waste recycling machine, Axis Pte Ltd director Hemant Mahyavanshi seeks to improve waste management efficiency and support a cleaner environment.

Located at 22 Toti Street, Wailada Industrial Estate in Lami, Axis Pte Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of products across Fiji. These include water bottles, jars, plastic bottles, spray bottles, windproof gas lighters, paper products like cups and lunch boxes, and garbage bags/non-woven products.

Hemant’s idea could only become a reality with a financial boost, and that boost came from Business Link Pacific (BLP) in the form of a Business Support Grant, with the support of Business Assistance Fiji (BAF). Hemant imported the waste recycling machine from China.

It’s only been a few weeks since the installation of the waste recycling machine, but Axis Pte Ltd has already begun making a significant impact.

Hemant said recycling has become increasingly important in recent years.

“My inspiration for getting involved in recycling efforts stems from my time working with CJ Patel on landfill management. The landfill at Naboro is rapidly filling up, with a significant amount of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials being dumped there,” he said.

This situation prompted Hemant to consider how he could help Fiji’s environment, starting with plastic recycling initiatives. “Currently, people are discarding plastics carelessly, contributing to this growing problem.”

Hemant said to address this, they have reached out to several companies that generate a lot of plastic waste through packaging.

“Our plan is to collect and recycle these plastics. In fact, we have already begun this process. We have partnered with neighbouring companies around Lami and have completed three or four trial runs,” he said.

Hemant explained that the results have been very promising. They are now exploring further opportunities to expand their efforts. They are in discussions with Waste Recyclers Pte Ltd who have the infrastructure to collect plastic waste more efficiently than they can.

“By collaborating with them, we aim to enhance our recycling efforts, ultimately reducing the country’s carbon footprint,” he said.

Their goal is to recycle approximately 20 tons of plastic every month, significantly contributing to environmental conservation in Fiji.

Hemant was introduced to BLP and BAF by one of the BLP and BAF Business Advisory Service Providers (BASPs), R.K. Chand and Associates.

“I am thankful to R.K Chand and Associates for introducing me to BLP and BAF and assisted me in securing the grant for the recycling machine.

 “I am thankful to BLP and BAF, they are doing a wonderful job. BLP and BAF assist MSMEs significantly, contributing to the economy and supporting startup businesses and entrepreneurs,” he said.

Hemant had applied for the grant under the Climate category. Under this category, MSMEs can utilise the grant to mitigate, adapt, or increase resilience to climate change.

Hemant’s extensive background in manufacturing spans over two decades, starting with a significant tenure at CJ Patel as a manufacturing manager. This experience, coupled with his involvement in environmental initiatives, laid the groundwork for his current venture.

“I was directly involved with the environmental department in terms of recycling and manufacturing products,” Hemant recalls, highlighting his early commitment to sustainable practices.

Axis Pte Ltd emerged from Hemant’s keen observation of market opportunities, particularly in packaging for MSMEs.

“I saw an opportunity for doing this packaging stuff for MSMEs. That gave an inspiration to assist these people and develop our own business,” he said.

Today, Axis Pte Limited caters to a diverse customer base, providing essential packaging solutions for products ranging from raw honey and garlic powder to chemicals and food items.

The company offers a range of eco-friendly products, including bottles that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable plastic films. These films, used widely in the hospitality industry, meet stringent environmental standards.

 “We have developed biodegradable films like the garbage bags used in resort industries,” Hemant notes, emphasizing their compliance with eco-friendly regulations,” he said.

As Axis Pte Ltd grows, so does its workforce. Currently employing 20 permanent staff, the company plans to hire additional employees to support its expanding recycling operations.

“With the new recycling machine, we need another 3 or 4 employees to ensure continuous operation,” he said.

Hemant encourages other small businesses to seek support from organizations like BLP, which provide essential resources and funding. Moreover, he advocates for grassroots efforts in waste segregation and recycling, starting from schools to instil sustainable habits early on.

BLP supports SME businesses across the Pacific to grow and thrive. Leveraging their strong network of business advisors in 14 different specialist business areas, along with financial institutions and private sector business organisations, BLP is building business resilience, one SME at a time.

The type of support available is varied, from free online tools to assess weaknesses in business to subsidised business advisory services and Business Support Grants available to qualifying projects. Get to know BLP here: Maybe your business could use our support.


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