GGGI and BAF sign an MoU to support green entrepreneurship and green growth in Fiji

In a significant step towards sustainable economic development, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Business Assistance Fiji (BAF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Green Entrepreneurship and Green Growth Cooperation on 29th June 2023.

The document was signed virtually by Mr. Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of GGGI and Mr. Ramesh Chand, General Manager of BAF.

The partnership signifies a strategic alliance with the shared vision of fostering green entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices in Fiji. The collaborative efforts under this MoU will contribute to Fiji’s national agenda of building a resilient and low-carbon economy in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Paris Agreement.

Business Assistance Fiji aims to develop micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Fiji and meet the MSME sector’s needs through the provision of high-quality business information, advice and tailored business development services. Its objectives are to develop economically active MSMEs through business advisory service, provide training and funding options, and contribute to the policymaking for MSME development in Fiji. As an entity that has a vision to elevate the status and significance of Fiji’s MSMEs, BAF will fulfil its mission to enhance the capacities of those that it will engage in this initiative.

The Pacific Green Entrepreneurs Network (PGEN) program is funded by the Qatar Fund for Development and implemented by GGGI. PGEN aims to support green and inclusive job growth by supporting entrepreneurs (particularly women and youth) and small green businesses – contributing to their country’s climate and sustainable development goals in Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu.

Mr. Daniel Muñoz-Smith, GGGI’s Country Representative for Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga and Vanuatu expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Business Assistance Fiji is an excellent strategic local partner for GGGI as both our organizations believe that a strong, inclusive MSME sector is key to driving green and inclusive job creation, green economic growth and innovative solutions to the environmental and social problems that Fiji is facing and work to support that.

Business Assistance Fiji is pleased to have this agreement as it enhances its collaboration with GGGI. We will be supporting and leveraging the work that GGGI does through our network of Service Providers and by conducting the business diagnosis.  BAF’s key area of focus is climate change, and our partnership will further boost the work both the organisations are doing and promote the green and blue economy.

The MoU expands areas of cooperation between GGGI and BAF with a specific focus on mutually supporting green businesses with various types of capacity building and financial support, as well as improving south-south cooperation and evidence-based knowledge sharing on green entrepreneurship, green growth and sustainable development.

The MoU is effective for three years from the date of signing. GGGI and BAF will continue to convene periodic consultations to review planning, implementation, and outcomes of cooperation, and identify opportunities and follow-up activities to enhance their collaboration.

About Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI):
Based in Seoul, GGGI is an intergovernmental organization that supports governments of developing countries to transition to a model of economic growth that is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. GGGI delivers programs in over 40 partner countries with technical support, capacity building, policy planning & implementation, and by helping to build a pipeline of bankable green investment projects. More on GGGI’s events, projects, and publications can be found on and follow GGGI on Twitter and join us on FacebookYouTube, and LinkedIn.

About Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD):
Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) is a Qatari public institution committed, on behalf of the State of Qatar, to implement foreign aid projects by international best practices and standards.

Since 2012, QFFD has been providing aid to many countries in accordance with the international cooperation goals of Qatar National Vision 2030. Its primary goal is to achieve inclusive and sustainable development by addressing global priority issues in education, health, and economic development. In this context, priority is given to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

•        SDG 3: “Ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all”;

•        SDG 4: “Ensuring fair and inclusive education for all and enhancing lifelong learning for all”;

•        SDG 8: “Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and keeping full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

To realize the optimal development impact, QFFD projects are also designed to have cross-cutting co-benefits within SDG (2) on “Zero hunger” and SDG (6) on “Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” in addition to SDG (17) on “Partnerships to Achieve Goals.”

QFFD cooperates with many reputable actors through strategic partnerships both locally and internationally. These include Civil Society Organizations, government agencies, UN agencies, and the private sector.

About Business Assistance Fiji (“BAF”):

Business Assistance Fiji (“BAF”), is a company limited by guarantee registered in Fiji on 26th November, 2021, with its principal office at Vanua House, Victoria Parade, Suva, Fiji. The members of the company are Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation, Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountant, and Women in Business.

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