Merchant Finance Empowering MSMEs for Growth

Merchant Finance Pte Limited (Merchant Finance) has been one of the major contributors to Fiji’s financial sector, providing tailored financial solutions to businesses for over 35 years.

From humble beginnings as small merchants, many clients have grown alongside Merchant Finance, now undertaking substantial projects with the credit institution’s support.

“Many of our customers have remained with us for decades. They typically start as small merchants, seeking financing for working capital and then progress to acquiring vehicles. As their needs expand, they seek larger funding for bigger projects with us over time,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Merchant Finance, Mr Veilawa Rereiwasaliwa.

Mr Rereiwasaliwa said that recently Merchant Finance approved a loan for a West-based farmer, showing their dedication to supporting various sectors of the economy.

“We’ve also had a lot of farmers who are now running larger businesses. One exciting story involves a lady engaged in land development in the West. She runs that business independently, and it’s quite a significant investment we’re assisting with,” he said.

Merchant Finance is one of the associate sponsors of the MSME Conference.

Mr Rereiwasaliwa said the upcoming MSME Conference presents a unique opportunity for Merchant Finance to engage directly with stakeholders and address the challenges faced by MSME operators. From market access to regulatory hurdles, Merchant Finance aims to streamline processes, facilitating smoother business operations.

Moreover, Merchant Finance is leveraging digital platforms to broaden access to funding.

“We currently offer a digital platform for unsecured loans, primarily for salaried employees. However, we are exploring expanding this service to business owners and launching digital platforms for secured loans and motor vehicle loans.,” Mr Rereiwasaliwa said.

He said this initiative aims to provide MSMEs, who may lack the means or time to visit major town centers for financing, with accessible funding options through online portals.

 “Additionally, we aim to assist MSMEs with assets, such as land or agricultural leases, by using them as security for better access to funding at lower rates and with favorable terms. Through these efforts, we seek to unlock the potential of MSMEs’ assets and facilitate their exponential growth,” Mr Rereiwasaliwa said.

Merchant Finance will continue with their long-term commitment to supporting MSMEs, envisioning sustained growth and prosperity for all stakeholders.

Mr Rereiwasaliwa encourages MSMEs to approach the conference with open minds, seizing the opportunity to establish valuable connections and explore avenues for business growth.

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