When Rohini Devi and her husband Rohit both lost their jobs early in the Covid-19 pandemic, they knew they would need to act fast to ensure their family’s welfare. Looking at how their small community was affected by the pandemic, Rohini quickly realized that restrictions on movement were one of biggest problems the community faced. With no public transportation available, people were having trouble getting to the supermarkets.

Rohini had an idea. She would open a small canteen – Rohini Devi’s Wonder Shop – selling basic food items from her home in Sambula, Suva. This would save people the difficulties of a trip to town and reduce the risk of infection for the whole community.

With only a small initial investment needed to set up the business, Rohini was still worried that her small business would fail. However, soon word spread across the neighbourhood, and the business grew. Not only did Rohini Devi’s Wonder Shop succeed, but Rohini was able to continue to take care of her family.  Rohini is proud that this small venture has also improved the welfare of others.

When the lockdown period ended, Rohini secured employment at Paper N Stationery Supplies, leaving Rohit to operate the canteen business. Coincidentally, Paper N Stationery is located directly opposite the Business Assistance Fiji (BAF) office and Rohini wondered if her business could benefit from any assistance from BAF.  

With the help of BAF, Rohini was able to apply to access advice from a Business Service Provider through the Business Link Pacific (BLP) Business Advisory Network. The Network operates in 12 countries across the Pacific, offering advice in many areas of business. In some cases a subsidy to cover some of the cost of the advice is available, so long as the business satisfies certain criteria (

BAF was able to identify the problem area for Rohini Devi’s Wonder Shop and direct Rohini to an advisor who could help. Through the business advice she received, Rohini has learned the importance of maintaining accurate financial records and she encourages other micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to do the same.

“I had been running my small business for a year, but I was not keeping the proper financial records of my business,” she said.

“No matter the size of your business, it is important for you to keep financial records. Having a financial statement gives you an idea of your business’s financial position whether it be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.”  

Rohini was matched with RK Chand & Associates, a BLP Business Service Provider offering financial services. With their assistance, financial statements were prepared for Rohini Devi’s Wonder Shop for the year ending 31 December 2022. 

Preparation of financial statements is just one of the services currently provided by advisors through BAF and BLP’s Network. Other business services available range from organizational management, finance, and marketing to legal advice, human resources and technology (

For more information on Business Assistance Fiji, please click the link or visit our office at: Gound Floor, Vanua Arcade, Vanua House, Victoria Parade in Suva.

Finally, congratulations to RK Chand & Associates for their outstanding achievement in completing the BLP competency assessment process across a spectrum of service areas!

Accounting & Financial Management

Strategy & Business Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Business Coaching & Training

Digital & Online Solutions

Financing & Loan Facilitation

SMEs in Fiji can contact RK Chand & Associates through the BLP Portal and ask for their eligibility for the BLP Business Service Subsidy.

Contact details here:…/rk-chand–associates-2


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