New Security Firm Seeks Opportunities at MSME Conference

Floating Rocks Security Services (FRSS), a newly registered security entity, is poised to make its mark in the security industry.

The upcoming MSME conference presents a promising platform for the business, according to its founder, Ratu Vukili Camdon Bola.

With ambitions to expand its network and clientele, FRSS views the two-day conference as a prime opportunity to connect with potential clients interested in acquiring security services.

Mr. Bola said that the event also offers the chance to establish partnerships with larger, more established organizations in the sector.

A retired Military Officer with 22 years of service in the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Mr. Bola brings a wealth of experience in security services, having served both locally and in the Middle East. Additionally, his background as a trainer specializing in Leadership and HR Development adds a valuable dimension to FRSS’s capabilities.

Having also managed Security Companies in Papua New Guinea, Mr. Bola’s expertise underscores FRSS’s commitment to professionalism and excellence in the security industry.

“As a family-run business, we see the MSME conference as a valuable opportunity to learn, connect, and forge partnerships with individuals and organizations,” Mr. Bola said.

He highlighted the company’s proactive approach to leveraging platforms for growth and development.

With a focus on quality service delivery and strategic collaborations, FRSS aims to emerge as a trusted security provider in Fiji and beyond, guided by Mr. Bola’s extensive experience and leadership in the field.

The MSME conference is expected to serve as a pivotal moment for FRSS as it embarks on its journey to contribute meaningfully to the security landscape of Fiji and the broader region.

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