Sevunivola Baba, a passionate entrepreneur driven by the goal of providing safe and clean water to remote areas in Fiji, has found success with his business, Sejmal Investment Pte Ltd.

With a focus on rural water projects, ecological purification systems, and renewable energy, Sevunivola’s enterprise is revolutionizing the way communities access clean water.

Originally from Yadrana, Lakeba in Lau, Sevunivola brings a wealth of knowledge and has dedicated himself not only to solving the water crisis in Fiji but also to creating employment opportunities for unskilled workers, contributing to poverty eradication.

The journey of Sejmal Investment began in 2016 with a mission to bring safe and quality clean water to rural areas and outer islands across Fiji. The company specializes in water filtration and purification, ensuring that customers have access to good quality drinking water. Since 2016, Sevunivola and his team of 15 dedicated employees have helped 50 communities in rural and maritime areas across Fiji and aims to reach out to more communities.

Through their expertise in building cost-effective residential houses, marketing treated timber, and surveying and constructing water catchment areas and reservoirs for consumers, Sejmal Investment has become a trusted name in the industry. Their dedication to bringing clean water to hard-to-reach areas that lack road access or are in maritime regions has had a significant impact on communities in need.

Sevunivola states, “One of the major challenges we face is transportation because some villages don’t have road access. Therefore, we carry blocks on horseback and other equipment through creeks and rivers.”

Recognizing the potential for growth and expansion, Sevunivola applied for the Business Link Pacific (BLP) Business Support Grant.

He learned about the valuable services and support offered to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through Business Assistance Fiji (BAF) social media and email.

Appreciating the assistance provided by BLP and BAF, Sevunivola emphasizes how BLP and BAF have helped him access crucial support services for his business. Sevunivola received a grant of $14,000 to purchase materials for their ongoing projects, further advancing their mission to provide clean water to those in need.

He applied for the grant under the “innovation” category. This category supports projects that drive new products or services, improve operational systems, meet industry standards, enable access to new markets, and embrace digital transformation.

Examples of proposals include launching a new website, migrating to cloud accounting systems, diversifying products, or expanding your services to new markets.

The collaboration between Sejmal Investment, BLP, and BAF has proven to be fruitful, benefiting not only the business itself but also the communities it serves.

Sevunivola encourages fellow SMEs in Fiji to take full advantage of the services and support provided by BAF, which enabled him to secure funding from BLP.

“My business had really benefited from the assistance given by BLP and BAF because the very thing that my business needed was easy to access through BAF in terms of service support,” he said.

As Sejmal Investment continues to make strides in rural water projects and ecological purification systems, their vision of delivering safe water to all Fijians remains at the forefront. Their efforts not only meet a fundamental human right but also contribute to the well-being and economic empowerment of communities.

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