Women in Tech – NOMINATE NOW-

Calling all trailblazing tech mavens in Fiji! We’re on the lookout for the next Tech Entrepreneur of the Year, and we need YOUR nominations! 🚀

Eligibility: Open to incredible women who are Fiji Nationals/Residents/Citizens with a legally registered startup in Fiji.

Does this sound like someone you know? Nominate them now!

Applicants must demonstrate:

1. Business Innovation: Nominees must have demonstrated significant innovation in their tech-related business ventures, with a focus on creating new products, services, or solutions that address market needs.

2. Business Growth: Evidence of substantial business growth, including revenue expansion, market reach, and successful scaling of the tech enterprise.

3. Leadership and Vision: Demonstrated leadership and a clear vision for the tech company’s future, with the ability to inspire and lead a team towards achieving strategic goals.

4. Industry Impact: Nominees should have made a notable impact on their industry or sector, contributing to advancements and influencing industry trends.

5. Social Responsibility: A commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices, including efforts to give back to the community or address societal challenges through tech-related initiatives.

How to Nominate:

1. Visit our website to view the criteria –

2. Complete the nomination form

3. Provide nominee information and showcase their excellence

4. Attach supporting documentation

Nominations close at 5 pm on Monday, 6 November 2023.


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