Dr. Senata Tinaiseru thanks BLP and BAF

The COVID-19 outbreak made Dr. Senata Tinaiseru fear that she may have to shut down her Advance Eye and Ear Care Clinic, business.

But, thanks to the Business Link Pacific (BLP) for providing her with the $7,000 grant. With the grant, Dr. Senata was able to purchase new equipment for her clinics in Ba and Nadi, expanding her operations successfully.

Her business was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with other Micro, Small, Medium, and Enterprises (MSMEs) who were struggling to get back on their feet.

BLP had launched the Adaptation Grant for Fiji and seven other countries in the Pacific region to help MSMEs to revive and adapt to the changes in the business environment.

Dr. Senata said the pandemic affected her business due to poor patient turnout, which made it impossible for her to meet her basic needs.

“I was trying to reestablish my business when my sister told me about the BLP’s adaptation grant. I applied for it, and I am now able to better service the people in Western Division,” she said.

Dr. Senata considers herself lucky to have received the grant, which has helped her practice grow.

“Even after the grant, the BLP team stayed connected and checked on how my business was doing and to see if I needed any additional help,” she said.

Dr. Senata is encouraging the MSMEs owners to reach out to BLP and Business Assistance Fiji (BAF) and take advantage of their services.

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